The “Ocean Medallion” by Princess Cruises is one of the coolest innovations in the cruise industry that I’ve seen over the last months. In the product presentation by Princess Cruises, the Ocean Medallion is introduced as the next big thing for customer experience by the use of a wearable.

Generally speaking, the Ocean Medallion can be used for identification and services.

Identification – The Ocean Medallion will allow a smooth check-in process on the embarkation day. By wearing the Ocean Medallion, they know who you are as soon you approach the ship. Since the guest can do all the hard work (like providing the passport details) from home, you can skip the queues in the port and start enjoying the cruise. Furthermore the Ocean Medallion is you key to access your state room.

Services – The Ocean Medallion can be used to book a shore excursions or to enjoy a SPA treatment, but also for shopping, ordering drinks and personalisation of the public screens. Again, by simply identifying using the wearable …

The drawback of this new technology is off course the guest’ privacy. Different from the cruise ships that use the ‘classic’ cabin card, you can no longer hide with the Ocean Medallion. Due to the RFID technology in the Ocean Medallion, they basically track every step, every action and every minute, but you’ll get a guest experience 2.0 in return.


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