By 2021, m-commerce expenses will be 6 billion dollars. Most people have travel apps installed on their smartphone or tablet but the bookings remain behind. How do you make sure consumers really use your app?

This was the central question in a webinar about travel apps, an initiative of Eyefortravel. According to Forrester, currently 30 percent of mobile revenue is coming from apps. In 2016, an increase of 50 percent (3 billion downloads) in two years time was registered and this is a much faster growth than categories like social and messaging. So the signals to invest in your travel app are there.

Getting back to the question: how do you make sure consumers really use your app? This comes down to the four features of successful travel apps: 1) deepen the relationship with the customer, 2) streamline the travel experience, 3) use the user data they collect, 4) application of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Read more about this topic in the article by Emerce (in Dutch) here:

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