Why do we travel? What type of accommodation do we prefer? What online resources are used for planning? Expedia performed an interesting study about what motivates us to travel and our behavior when travelling. A few insights from the study are copied in below.

Why do we travel?

Relaxing trips are popular across all countries, except in Japan, where sightseeing ranked number one with 61% of travelers.”

What type of accommodation do we prefer?

Travelers massively went for hotels, but the French are a bit special. The French seem most opened to Airbnb and other forms of alternative accommodations with 17% of them having experienced it on their last trip!

Online resources for planning

Chinese travelers are by far the most likely group of travelers to be influenced by social media, followed by Americans and Canadians. Only 8% of Chinese travelers said social media does not influence their decision-making process, which is in sharp contrast to Japanese travelers, where nearly 60% said social media is not influential.

Read More: http://fredericgonzalo.com/en/2017/07/12/motivations-of-online-travelers-one-size-doesnt-fit-all/

Full Report: https://info.advertising.expedia.com/multi-national-travel-trends-in-the-tourism-industry


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